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What We Do

Top talent gravitate to companies that care for their employees. Ashlar can help your company develop robust systems of safety, health & sustainable workplace.

Risk Assessing

Stay ahead of potential threats with our proactive approach to risk management, identifying and mitigating risks before they impact your operations or bottom line. Ashlar and its strategic partners can Risk Assess for Occupational Safety & Health, Fire and Security Risk. We have operated in many different business sectors, including Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Mining, Film Production, Sports and Music Festivals.

Safety Management Systems

Safety & Health Management systems as simple or complex as the client desires. We base our systems on the ISO45001 Health & Safety framework standards, which is also an approved standard of the Thai Labour Department and the OHS Act. Paper-based, or electronic for easier communication to the people that need it the most – your EMPLOYEES. Read our Cost/Benefit Analysis story here.

Emergency Management

Ashlar together with its strategic partner Kiwi Resource Protection can provide bespoke services to meet your needs. We can assist you in the development of Emergency Response Plans built to the ICS (incident command system) or the provision of qualified Fire Engineers, firefighters, fire protection equipment and basic to advanced firefighting training. We work to internationally recognized standards so there is full transparency in our capabilities and the methodology from which we approach Emergency Management.

Film & Television Production Safety

Ashlar provides Film & Television Production Safety Services, including the provision of qualified Production Safety Officers, Location Risk Assessments and more. We work to the safety standards and bulletins of the American Motion Picture Association and IOSH. We pride ourselves on being the only company in Thailand that can provide standards of safety at an international level.

Compliance Assurance

Navigate Thai regulatory landscapes effortlessly. Our team ensures that your business is not only compliant but also well-prepared for evolving safety standards. We know the local OSH regulations and can advise clients on not only meeting with compliance but also going a few steps further. Our passion is to keep people, assets and the environment safe and this is why we make the extra efforts.

Training Programs

Empower your workforce with targeted training programs designed to instil a culture of safety, reducing incidents and fostering a secure working environment. Furthermore, together with our strategic partners in Thailand, we deliver training to recognised international standards to give you peace of mind that training is relevant, safe and up-to-date with modern trends. We work to IOSH standards for Safety & Health, the National Fire Protection Association & International Organisation for Industrial Emergency Services Management (JOIFF)Emergency First Response (EFR) and others.

Global Reporting Initiative

Sustainability Consulting

At Ashlar, we provide sustainability consulting services tailored to align with the principles of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the 17 United Nations Sustainability Goals. Our approach combines strategic guidance with practical solutions, helping clients integrate sustainability into their business practices effectively. We assist organizations in identifying key sustainability challenges and opportunities, developing actionable plans, and measuring progress against GRI standards and UN SDGs. By working closely with clients, we aim to drive meaningful change and create long-term value, fostering a more sustainable future for businesses and society as a whole.


Ashlar proudly represents Wellnomics in Thailand, offering a globally recognized suite of ergonomic solutions for office wellness. Wellnomics provides comprehensive support, enabling employees to work safely and securely from any location, at any time. Our platform empowers EHS and management teams to prioritize employee wellbeing across the organisation, including remote workers. Backed by the latest research on office ergonomics, wellbeing, and performance, Wellnomics ensures compliance with OSH guidelines in most countries, as well as ISO27002 and GDPR standards. Trusted by organisations worldwide, Wellnomics is the go-to solution for looking after millions of employees’ wellbeing.