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SME exporting and manufacturing businesses in Thailand are facing the challenge of how to integrate into global sustainability requirements.

If your company meets some or all of the statements below, then we can help you.

A Small to Medium Sized Company

Having 50+ employees

Exporter or Supply Chain Partner

In the supply chain of multi-national companies or global retailing.

Lacking the Internal Resources

Dedicated people, time, experience and capabilities to develop and implement practical sustainability programs.

In need of a Sustainability Report/Program

“Greenwashing” is an issue, largely because companies don’t understand how to report on Sustainability.

We have extensive experience across various industries and a solid track record in the Thailand market. Our expertise encompasses compliance with key protocols such as the Global Reporting Initiative and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, which are crucial for multinational corporations and their supply chains.

Environmental Sustainability

We work hand-in-hand with our clients and their internal and external stakeholders to help them understand gaps in current sustainable operations and recommend sensible solutions. Our clients are often under pressure from their clients and prospects to report on emmissions, energy use and waste streams. Ashlar can help with:

  • Sensible strategies and plans for reducing your emissions, energy use and waste streams.
  • Simple ways to track and report your Carbon Footprint.
  • Software solutions for medium sized companies to report on Sustainability
  • Development of practical Management Systems that can be based around ISO140001 and others.
  • Recommendations for sustainable consumables sourcing.

Social Sustainability

  • Practical Health & Safety Management programs based on standards like ISO45001.
  • Emergency Management Plans and products and services related to emergency management.
  • Film & Televisions Production Safety and Event Safety Services
  • IOSH Certified Training Programs like Managing Safely
  • Contractor Safety Management solutions (supply chain due diligence)
  • Procedure and Policy Development based upon standards like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
  • Fresh ideas on Employee Welfare programs.

Good Governance Advisory

  • Global Reporting Initiative advisory.
  • Written Policies and Procedures for Good Governance.
  • Strategies and long-term planning for improvements to good Governance.