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Thailand is fast becoming the favourite destination for international film and television series productions. Thailand offers some incredible financial incentives to produce advertisements, feature films and streaming television series. Top film production companies like Living Films and others can provide international studios with top-quality local film & television production support.

Health, Safety & Security to the Standards You Expect

One primary risk of location filming in a distant country is the health, safety, and security of visiting film crews and actors. Studios need assurance that Safety Advisors operate to recognised standards. While Thailand has safety regulations, they’re not as robust as those in the USA, UK, and other Western countries.

IOSH Members

Benefits – Why Choose Ashlar?

We are Qualified to Trusted International Standards

Ashlar Senior Consultants and Strategic Partners are members of trusted international Professional Safety & Risk Associations like IOSH, NFPA and others like St. John Ambulance Standards. The Sr. HSE Consultant of Ashlar is a CertIOSH member of the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health and has 20 years of experience working in the Occupational Safety & Health profession.

Reduce Production Risk in Thailand

In the Film Industry, we implement and strictly follow the industry standards from the US and the UK Safety Bulletins and have adapted them to Thai language and local regulations and conditions. Eliminate the risk of not fully understanding what safety standards are being applied in Thailand and choose to work with Ashlar as your chosen advisor.

Professional Communication & Reporting

Our Thai and Foreign experts provide written reporting and oversite in fluent English, to a quality level found in Western countries. Feel secure in knowing that your overseas productions have the right level of safety oversight, from set builds, to location scouting, on-set Production Safety and set deconstruction.

Contractor Safety Management
Lower Your Project Risk

Selecting the right contractors on the basis of safety can reduce risk significantly. Ashlar can design and implement CSM programs that ensure contractors are chosen as well on another parameter – Safety.

Choose the Right Contractors

Many construction and equipment contractors may or may not have safety protocols in place, thereby increasing the risk of potentially disastrous incidents. Our programs help purchasing & other teams add another parameter to the selection process. We provide the additional second “eyes” approach which may include suggesting or reviewing standards of PPE; work at height; equipment inspection; lifting & rigging qualifications; fire suppression systems equipment adequacy and more.

Safety | Health | Security by experts with decades of real-world experience

Occupational Safety & Health

Our Thai and expat Safety Consultants have decades of safety management experience in multiple industries. We fully understand Risk Management and have been successful in reducing incidents and accidents in all our professional endeavours. Our expat Sr. HSE Consultant holds a Level 6 Diploma in International Occupational Safety & Health from the British Safety Council. Our Thai Safety Consultant holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and has over 20 years of safety management experience.

Emergency Management

Our Fire and Emergency expert is a member of the Institute of Fire Engineers and has well over 20 years of Emergency Management experience. He and his team are trusted by some of Thailand’s largest companies to provide expert Fire Risk advisory as well as equipment. Trust in us that your film sets and locations will be expertly reviewed for fire hazards.

Military Consultant, Security Risk Assessments and VIP Protection

Our local strategic partner has many years of film & television security and military advisory backed by many years in the US Special Forces. We can provide Location, Set & Accommodation Security Risk Assessments as well as VIP Close Protection. Our Military Consultant also routinely trains actors on firearms use and US style military tactics and can even participates/act in parts.

Medical & First Aid

Our strategic partner for Medical Training and Support is one of Thailand’s most trusted experts in his field. He is a former Army Medic in the United States Army and has many years of Thailand in-country experience. He teaches First Aid to international schools and even Embassy personnel. His company is the only company in Thailand that operates to the St. John’s Ambulance and other internationally recognized standards and institutions.

Reduce Costs

Many international studios will fly out expatriate Safety Professionals for safety oversight on film productions. You can be assured that the same quality of Production & Pre-Production Safety Oversight is already here in Thailand. We understand the market and the local culture and can speak the language.

Local Safety Advisors that Understand The Culture and the Regulatory Environment

By working with Ashlar, you can remove the costs of placing expensive expatriate Safety personnel and use our local team without the added cost for expensive hotels, flights and other expatriate perks. We can also support your projects in the Southeast Asian region at lower costs as well.

Products & Services

The Ashlar Film Production Safety, Fire, Security & Medics division combines the knowledge and experience of professionals from the film & television production, hazardous industries, security, fire protection, and healthcare sectors. Our primary objective is to ensure the utmost level of safety in your production while maintaining efficiency.

Location Risk Assessments

Our team can participate in Location Scouts/Recce’s and provide your team with expertly written Risk Reviews and Reports. All risks ranked for review by highest potential risk factors and practical risk mitigations strategies will be recomended.

Production Safety Officers

Safeguarding the well-being of cast and crew has become paramount, necessitating protection against infectious diseases, severe injuries, accidents, and workplace hazards. We have Thai and Expat Safety Professionals.

Fire & Emergency Support

At Ashlar, our qualified fire engineers are dedicated to safeguarding your film studio and other locations in Thailand from fire risks. With their expertise and attention to detail, we possess the knowledge to identify potential fire hazards and provide optimal protection.

Health & Safety Policies and Procedures

Risk reviews and reports. Risks are ranked, and practical mitigation strategies are recommended. Ashlar is experienced in written safety programs and standards like ISO45001. All procedures are written in Thai and English and comply with Thai regulations.

Safety & Thai Culture Induction

Ashlar can provide a helpful introduction to expatriate film crews and talent about living and working in Thailand during their stay. We provide lots of useful tips as well as a safety and security brief.

Regulatory Compliance

Ashlar understand the local regulatory environment, when it comes to safety and environment. Trust us to advise you properly on these matters.

Film and television safety in Thailand

VIP Close Protection

If needed, Ashlar and our strategic partners can provide VIP close protection details with international experience and qualifications.

Safety on the Set, to Trusted Standards

Accomodations Risk Assessments

VIPs, film crews, and other temporary personnel require safe and secure accommodations. We offer initial hotel and long-stay risk assessments across Thailand.


Ashlar is steadfast in our sustainability commitment. We engage a Certified Sustainability Professional to empower clients in reducing production waste and repurposing materials.

Our partnership with #99hives showcases this dedication. We supply discarded plywood to construct Urban Bee Hives in Bangkok and its provinces.

Together, we shape a greener, more responsible future.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

At Ashlar, we prioritize safety in film studios. Drug and alcohol abuse is a concern globally, including Thailand. We offer training and Australian-standard testing equipment to address this issue effectively.

Our testing equipment is used for ensuring that crews and talent are not put at undue risk when being transported to studios and locations.

Thai language safety bulletin based on the US version

Sample Safety Bulletin (Thai)

Our standards are directly translated from US film safety standards but formatted to resemble the ISO45001 standard for easier conformity and document control.

They incorporate Thai regulations, eliminate irrelevant US references, and exclude standards not applicable to Thailand.

Furthermore, drawing from our extensive experience in policy and procedure writing, we enhance them even further.

In Thailand, where some film production companies lack full-time health and safety professionals, we offer outsourcing services with our experienced and qualified team.

We meet the legal requirement for professional-level safety officers in Thailand.

Allow us to handle safety measures, ensuring your cast and crew can concentrate on their creative work without unnecessary risks or distractions.