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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Use Ashlar ?

Choose Ashlar Experts with over 100 years of collective experience, extensive involvement in Thailand and Southeast Asia, and a proven track record in multinational corporations across the globe. Our expertise sets us apart, ensuring unmatched results for your business


What Standards do you Follow ?

Ashlar and its strategic partners are unwavering in their commitment to international standards, proudly affiliated with globally recognized professional bodies. From IOSH to NFPA, ITRA (International Technical Rescue Association), St. John Ambulance, ISO and more, we stand at the forefront of excellence, ensuring your safety and success reach unparalleled heights.


Why should we prioritise a Strong Safety & Wellness Corporate Culture?

Prioritizing a Strong Safety & Wellness Corporate Culture is essential for companies as it fosters a safer and healthier work environment, reducing accidents and injuries while enhancing employee well-being. Moreover, such a culture boosts productivity and morale, leading to higher employee retention and attracting top talent, ultimately bolstering the company’s reputation and overall success.


What Market Location can Ashlar cover?

Strategically located just outside Bangkok, Ashlar boasts seamless access to the Eastern Seaboard and the international airport, enabling swift project deployment across Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Our centralized position empowers us to serve your needs efficiently and effectively, making a tangible impact across borders.