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Why are we called Ashlar?

Our company is inspired by the symbolism of the ‘perfect ashlar,’ representing our dedication to excellence and core values. It guides us in our pursuit of continuous improvement and ethical leadership, shaping refined solutions for our clients and communities. Embracing this symbolism fosters a culture of innovation and precision, driving our shared commitment to making a lasting impact. Together, we strive for perfection in every endeavour, shaping a future that reflects our values and aspirations.

Our Mission & Values


At Ashlar, our mission is to deliver client-centric excellence through innovative solutions and collaboration. We are dedicated to exceeding expectations, fostering enduring relationships, and empowering transformative change. Committed to positive social and environmental impacts, we aim to redefine excellence and enable enduring success for our clients.


“At Ashlar, our vision is to redefine collaboration and innovation, becoming the unparalleled partner of choice for client success. We aim to symbolize client-centric excellence, creating unparalleled value and fostering enduring partnerships. Committed to positive social impact, we strive to understand and exceed diverse client needs with bespoke solutions. Our dedication extends beyond transactions, aiming to set the benchmark for client satisfaction through enduring relationships. We empower clients, co-create innovative solutions, and lead transformative change, while prioritizing a positive environmental impact. Our goal is to exceed expectations in every interaction and project, forging a shared journey towards excellence with our clients.”


“At Ashlar, our purpose is deeply rooted in our mission to drive excellence and uphold core values of integrity, innovation, and social responsibility. Guided by the symbolism of the ‘perfect ashlar,’ representing precision and completeness in work and life, we aspire to be the embodiment of perfection in our industry.

Our purpose is to deliver exceptional products and services, meticulously crafted and aligned with the highest standards, symbolizing not only the quality of our work but our unwavering commitment to ethical leadership, sustainability, and positive societal impact. In each endeavour, we aim to be the ‘perfect ashlar,’ leaving a lasting imprint of excellence, reliability, and transformative value for our clients and the communities we serve.”

Ashlar is committed to the IOSH Code of Conduct

Ashlar Operations Team

Mike Kelly, CertIOSH

Sr. HSE Consultant

K. Kittichote (Pong)

Production Safety Supervisor

Mike has been working in the field of Occupational Safety & Health for 15+ years, and has worked in major international heavy construction, offshore & onshore Oil & Gas safety, manufacturing and chemicals and plastics industry here in Thailand. He has a reputation for practical ideas that not only build up cultures of safety, but also reduce costs from incidents and accidents and keep employees safe and healthy. He has a Level 6 Diploma in International Occupational Safety & Health as well as a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and is a CertIOSH Member of IOSH. Mike is also knowledgeable as a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional, with a speciality in Social Sustainability. He might annoy you with some fresh but practical ideas.

Khun Pong has been an HSE professional for over 22 years in Thailand. In the past year, he has taken on the role as Production Safety Supervisor and with his superior knowledge and calm engaging demeanour, he has been instrumental in reducing incidents for our clients in the Film & Entertainment industry and raising safety cultures in the process. He holds a Master Degree in Environmental Sciences from the prestigious Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and is fluent in both English and Thai.

Ashlar Strategic Partner Specialists

Our team of Risk Management professionals cover most categories of occupational and asset/project risk. We are each Subject Matter Experts in our fields. Ashlar’s Strategic Partners are carefully chosen on the basis of skills, expertise and a commitment to quality work based on established international standards.

Steve Fraser, MIFireE

Fire, Crisis Management and Emergency Management Risk Specialist (KRP)

David Grey & Mike Lockwood

Security Risk Specialists

HSSE, technical fire safety and emergency response specialist with extensive emergency response experience in the oil and gas industry throughout the Asia Pacific region. His certifications and memberships include: ITRA: International Rescue Association, NFPA: National Fire Protection Association, NZQA: New Zealand Qualifications Authority, EFR: Emergency First Response and the IFE:  Institute of Fire Engineers

Both of these men are proven security experts, having served their respective countries in Special Operations roles. David is specialised in all forms of security services, including Film & Television, and can provide Military Advisory consulting for films with military scenes. Mike is specialised in all forms of security with many years of experience in Oil & Gas and Mining.

Scott Van Dorn

EFR Instructor Trainer

First Aid Training Bangkok

Scott is the #1 Emergency First Response: EFR Instructor Trainer in Asia & Worldwide within the EFR organisation. Scott’s emergency rescue training started as a Boy Scout, continued on as a member of the United States Military’s Special Operations community. He is a member too of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians and was a member of the Emergency Response Teams (ERT) responding to medical and crisis management incidents. In Thailand, he was present on the set of Thirteen Lives in the role of Trauma Emergency First Response. He and his team have trained over 4,782 people in First Aid in Thailand in the past year (2023)

Sakda Raemwanith (Bright)

Kiwi Resourse Protection – Service Manager

Sakda (Bright) is an experienced HSE/industrial Project and Service Manager with emergency responder, fire and safety systems expertise. Experience in the wind energy, oil, gas, and chemical industries.