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From Risk to Resilience

In 2023, Ashlar’s workplace safety consultants reduced client incidents and injuries in Thailand by over 90% compared to the clients previous year statistics. We accomplished this by identifying and prioritising safety risks, recommending practical workplace risk reduction solutions, and fostering positive stakeholder dialogue.

What We Can Do to Reduce Workplace Risk for You in Thailand

workplace safety consultant thailand

Ashlar and our strategic partners in Risk Reduction offer a range of valuable services to help you mitigate workplace risks. We are the one qualified workplace safety consultant in Thailand who works with standards you know and understand.

occupational risk reduction services Thailand

Risk Assessments

Ensure proactive workplace safety & risk management by anticipating and mitigating potential threats to safeguard your operations and financial performance. Ashlar and its strategic partners specialise in workplace safety consultancy in Thailand and offer comprehensive risk assessments. We cover Workplace Safety & Health, Fire, and Security Risks across various industries, including Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Mining, Film Production, Sports, and Music Festivals.

Management Systems

Safety & Health Management systems should be as simple or complex as the client desires. Our systems are founded upon the ISO45001 Health & Safety framework standards, which are endorsed by the Thai Labour Department and the OHS Act. Paper-based, or electronic for easier communication to the people that need it the most – your EMPLOYEES. Read our Cost/Benefit Analysis story here.

Emergency Management

Partnered with Kiwi Resource Protection, Ashlar offers tailored workplace fire risk assessment services in Thailand to address your specific requirements. Our expertise extends to developing Emergency Response Plans aligned with the ICS (incident command system) and providing qualified Fire Engineers, firefighters, fire protection equipment, and comprehensive firefighting training. Rest assured, we adhere to internationally recognised standards, ensuring transparency in our capabilities and approach to Emergency Management.

Film & Television Production Safety

Ashlar delivers comprehensive Film & Television Production Safety Services, offering certified Production Safety Officers and thorough Location & Workplace Risk Assessments across Thailand and the region. Aligned with safety standards endorsed by the Industry-Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee and IOSH, we prioritize adherence to industry regulations. Moreover, we take pride in our distinction as the leading provider of risk assessment services tailored to meet global film production standards in Thailand.

Compliance Assurance

Effortlessly navigate the regulatory landscapes in Thailand with our expert team. We ensure your business remains compliant and well-prepared for evolving safety standards. With a deep understanding of local OSH regulations, we not only help you meet compliance but also go the extra mile. Our unwavering passion is to safeguard people, assets, and the environment, driving us to make every effort necessary.

Customised Training Programs

Empower your workforce with targeted training programs designed to instil a culture of safety, reducing incidents and fostering a secure working environment. Furthermore, together with our strategic partners in Thailand, we deliver training to recognised international standards to give you peace of mind that training is relevant, safe and up-to-date with modern trends. We work to IOSH standards for Safety & Health, the National Fire Protection Association & International Organisation for Industrial Emergency Services Management (JOIFF), Emergency First Response (EFR) and others.

Occupational Risk Reduction Partners in Thailand

occupational risk reduction services Thailand

Choose Ashlar as your trusted partner in workplace safety and risk assessment services in Thailand. Let us fortify your business against uncertainties, ensuring a resilient and thriving future.